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Can You Add Thousands to Your Property Value with Underfloor Heating?


You’ve seen it everywhere, “efficient underfloor heating adds thousands to property values”. Underfloor heating fitters across the UK list this as one of the biggest benefits to installing it in your property. Aside from providing luxury, cost-efficiency, and convenience, installing heated floors increases the desirability of your property in the eyes of potential buyers. The […]

Do Wet Underfloor Heating Pipes Leak? Floor Heating Myths Explained


Nobody wants to invest in a new system that breaks down and results in expensive repairs. Many business owners and property developers sit on the fence when deciding if water underfloor heating is right for them because of concerns like this. Many are familiar with having to call plumbers because of leaks in radiators or […]

Will Underfloor Heating Crack Tiles? Floor Covering Myths Explained


Perhaps the most appealing factor of underfloor heating is the ability to install it in a kitchen or bathroom, allowing you to walk barefoot on your tiled floors. There may not be much in the world that comes close to walking in your kitchen on a spring morning without feeling a chill. It comes as […]

How Much Money Does Underfloor Heating Actually Save?


You will often hear that efficient underfloor heating can save from 15% to as high as 40% on utility bills. If a boiler used £2.13 of gas* in a day on heating, that means savings from 31p to 85p. A monthly usage bill of £66 using radiator based heating could therefore be reduced to between […]

Retrofitting Underfloor Heating: 4 Tips For Renovating Your Home


Underfloor heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat houses, and is becoming increasingly prominent in new build homes and constructions. But even if you have an older home with a pre-existing radiator setup, it’s possible to arrange an underfloor heating installation for older homes.  Combined with floor insulation, underfloor heating can significantly […]

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Underfloor Heating


Underfloor heating systems are becoming more popular with residential properties, but it can also be installed in commercial buildings. Shops, hospitals, offices, restaurants, and more are making the decision to switch to underfloor heating. Read on to find the 4 main reasons why you too should make the change. 1 – Efficient Underfloor Heating Reduces […]