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How the Construction Industry Will Change in the Next 10 Years


Concrete is one of the most abundantly used materials in the world. Acting as the go-to material for construction, Concrete is used for everything. From residential projects to commercial, industrial as well as architectural. Due to the widespread use of concrete, it makes sense that that industry around it is a valuable one. In 2018, […]

The Benefits Of Pumping Floor Screed


Concrete pumps have been in use for the past 50 years or so, so it’s a known quantity when it comes to the benefits that they offer to anyone within the construction industry. Concrete pumps have been helping sites across the UK to complete their projects more efficiently than ever. With advancements in concrete pumping […]

Are underfloor heating systems more sustainable?


Sustainable Homes – Sustainable Heating – Green Heating Solutions The importance of sustainable solutions to heating and other activities around the home & for businesses has led to an increased demand for sustainable products and products that are greener / more environmentally friendly. This has led to a push and a revolution in the way […]

Underfloor Heating Systems in Sheffield


Underfloor Heating Systems in Sheffield – Easyflow Ltd Underfloor heating is perfectly suited for those who are looking to install an innovative and easy to install/use heating system. Whether you are looking to install underfloor heating for a client or want to arrange for the installation of an underfloor heating system – our team here […]

Install Underfloor Heating in 2020


Make the Change – Installing Underfloor Heating in 2020       The New Year is the perfect plan to plan and execute a range of home improvement ideas. One of the major areas that you can look to upgrade in 2020 is the way in which you heat your home. Although traditional heating systems […]

Underfloor Heating – Essential Guide


Underfloor Heating Installation – Your Essential Guide   So you’re considering installing an underfloor heating system. With the variety of information that is around suggesting various points of consideration – you may be looking for a complete guide. We have written a range of articles discussing why you should consider installing an underfloor heating system […]