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What to Consider When Laying Underfloor Heating and Liquid Screed Separately


Our underfloor heating installers have often been tasked with laying floor screed after another plumber or heating engineer has laid down heating pipes. Sometimes, it’s vice versa. Why? It’s simple to understand. Managers on commercial building projects have the duty of keeping costs down and projects on schedule. To this end, splitting the work seems […]

Is Underfloor Heating Bad for Your Health? Underfloor Heating Myths Busted


“Is underfloor heating unhealthy”, “is underfloor heating bad for you”, “does underfloor harm your health”… This may be an unusual series of questions, yet they are in the 40 most searched UK queries for hydronic heating related topics. It doesn’t hurt to be cautious when researching the pros and cons of the most efficient way […]

Installing Underfloor Heating in Solid Concrete Floor


Solid concrete flooring is one of the most practical foundations for modern houses, commercial buildings, and extensions. It’s durable and long-lasting. Best of all, it’s the ideal foundation for our underfloor heating fitters to install pipes into.   Our Process of Installing Heated Floors on Concrete First, we send the surveyors from our underfloor heating […]

How Much Money Does Underfloor Heating Save For Homeowners?


Efficient underfloor heating is often claimed to save 15-40% on utility bills, which is why many homeowners are making the switch away from radiator based heating. This means that a bill of £60 for radiator heating could be £37-£51 if it were underfloor heating instead*. But where does this statistic come from? Will you really […]

Will Underfloor Heating Destroy Laminate? Floor Covering Myths Explained


Laminate flooring is a high-density fibreboard with a photorealistic image on top. It’s a cross between traditional linoleum and engineered wood flooring that is very cost-efficient whilst giving the appearance of a real hardwood floor. It’s resistant to scratches, incredibly affordable, and can look just like real wood, making it a popular option to install […]