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EasyFlow Joins the Flowing Screeds Association


EasyFlow are proud to announce our successful application towards joining the Flowing Screeds Association (FSA). We are now officially a member and from now on, you will see their logo alongside ours. Our professional screed installers will benefit from the FSA’s ongoing support, and we hope to use our membership to increase the quality of […]

Running Hydronic Underfloor Heating on Renewable Energy


Using renewable sources of energy to power our homes is becoming increasingly more possible with each passing year. But many properties are still reliant on combustion boilers. Understandable, considering the price of gas and the widespread support for this type of heat source. With the advent of underfloor heating, it’s never been easier to get […]

What Alternative Heat Sources are Compatible With Underfloor Heating?


The UK government wants 80% fewer gas boiler installations by 2035. After 2025, new build properties under construction will not be allowed to fit a gas boiler. As this is the most common heat source compatible with wet underfloor heating, exploring alternatives is a necessity if property builders wish to continue supplying one of the […]

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Heat Pump Installed


When looking into any household or heating modifications, there is of course the question of ‘what are the factors I need to consider?’. From initial installation costs, heat pump running costs, and general efficiency, there are several things to think about before taking on a big project like this. Here, we explore the different factors […]

Common Underfloor Heating Problems; The Complete Guide


Underfloor heating installations are high quality, robust, and long-lasting compared to radiators, but problems can occur. Understand what causes the most common underfloor heating problems, and what you can do to avoid them.   What Causes Problems in Underfloor heating? Poor design and poor installation quality are the primary reasons that many of the issues […]