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Can You Get Wet Underfloor Heating for Suspended Wooden Floors?


There’s a slight misconception that the only type of underfloor heating you can for a suspended timber joist floor is electric. This leads to underfloor heating installers being asked for a ground-floor quote, whilst they ask an electrician to quote for the rest. You don’t need to default to a hybrid setup from the outset. […]

Can You Lay a Rug Over Underfloor Heating?


So you’ve installed an underfloor heating system, or maybe you’re considering installing one. It’s a great way to make a room cosy, but what if you wanted to make a room even cosier or homely with a rug? While it’s perfectly fine to have underfloor heating for carpeted flooring, with rugs it’s a little different. […]

Liquid Floor Screeding Leeds: Upgrade Your Residential or Commercial Flooring


Screeding solutions provided by Easyflow’s floor screeding Leeds experts involve a thin layer of solid, smooth material applied to a concrete subfloor, to provide a level floor surface before a final finish is applied. Screeding is an excellent way to breathe quality and purpose into old floors and prepare new floors for the final finish. […]

Is Underfloor Heating Suitable for Rented Properties?


The benefits of underfloor heating make it very ideal for a vast number of property types, from homes to commercial premises. It’s energy-efficient, raises property values, and requires less maintenance when built right. Increasing numbers of new build homes are being built with heated flooring in mind, making them more attractive and valuable to buyers. […]

Underfloor Heating in York – Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Heating Systems


Underfloor heating is an energy-efficient way to supply and maintain heat in a property. An alternative to standard radiators, underfloor heating is a greener solution, gently warming the room from the ground up. Offering several benefits, including a more comfortable and even temperature throughout a building, underfloor heating is quickly becoming the modern, go-to heating […]

Can you Install Underfloor Heating in a Listed Building?


If you own a listed building, you already know that you’re subject to special conditions whenever you want to make changes or improvements to it. Whenever you want to carry out work that may affect the property’s “historic character”, consent has to be gained from your local council. Underfloor heating is one of those improvements […]