Liquid Floor Screed

Liquid Floor Screeding for Solid Floors and Underfloor Heating Solutions

EasyFlow Screed provides a quality floor screeding service to breathe quality and purpose back into your solid floors. We have a diverse range of innovative, liquid screeds to suit your specific requirements, from self-levelling and calcium sulphate screeds to quick drying and anhydrite screeds. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, EasyFlow can supply the right product for the job.

If your existing floor is pitted and uneven, or if your floor has been left too low, floor screeding from EasyFlow is what you need. It can be laid as low as 12mm, walkable in 48 hours, and dry enough to tile or paint in 12 days!

What is Floor Screeding?

Screed is a thin layer of solid material that smooths over a solid subfloor, like concrete. This is done to help even out a pitted or uneven floor and provide a better surface to walk or build upon.

Liquid screed is designed to provide a smooth, level surface prior to the application of floor finishes. It’s ideal for both commercial and domestic buildings and can be bonded to the subfloor, unbonded with damp proofing, or floating over floor insulation and heating pipes.

Traditional vs Liquid

Traditional solid screeds use cement that is compacted and levelled, but liquid screeds are pumped over the area. These are more preferable, as a self compacting and self levelling screed is quick to pour and smooth to a perfect finish, producing a level surface in a fraction of the time.

As liquid floor screed is installed using a pump, access to the property can be a concern you have. But this is not a problem for EasyFlow. We can pump screeds from around 100 metres away from the property.

Ideal for Water Based Underfloor Heating

Liquid screed is an ideal partner for water underfloor heating, as the screed flows around the pipes, forming a void-free finish. This means greater conductivity – allowing the heat to diffuse evenly into the floor.

If you're looking for a liquid screed to perfectly compliment your water underfloor heating system, then an anhydrite liquid screed is the place to start. As a thermal mass for underfloor heating, Easyflow can provide an ultra-efficient liquid screed that will give up to a 30% increase of the thermal emission value. We have various other options available to give extra strength for shallower applications or to offer guaranteed improved thermal performance.

Types of Liquid Screed

There are two main types, cement-based (flowing concrete) and anhydrite (calcium sulphate). Anhydrite flowing screeds from suppliers like Gyvlon are a blend of a binder, special additives, and aggregates. These mix with water to produce a self levelling screed, perfect for water underfloor heating solutions.

If time constraints are the biggest concern on your build, then fast drying, cement-based liquid floor screeds excel in this area. These fully dry out in roughly half the time of other screeds, without sacrificing durability or longevity.

When dealing with floor depths in excess of 75mm, or for structural floors, cement-based self levelling screeds will be perfect for the job. These can be laser levelled for a precise floor finish and eliminate the need to power float the concrete, dependent on project specification.

Want to learn more? Our full range of liquid screed brands are available to browse and download below. If you need help finding the right screed for your project, EasyFlow is always one consultation away.

Anhydrite Screeds

Gyvlon are experts in free flowing, anhydrite screeds. With over 25 years of experience in the formulation of self-levelling screeds, Gyvlon is a range of uniquely innovative products, benefitting a wide range of applications.

Gyvlon Thermio is designed especially for covering water underfloor heating. SoundBar is designed for use over timber joists for improved acoustics. ECO is an environmentally friendly mix made with recycled materials for multipurpose applications. Gyvlon ECO FD is its fast-drying counterpart. XTR is perfect for commercial buildings where floors are subjected to higher loads and levels of traffic. Lastly, EXCELIO offers the thinnest possible application at 12mm.

Gyvlon Eco


Gyvlon Thermio


Gyvlon XTR


Gyvlon Soundbar


Gyvlon Excelio


Gyvlon Eco FD


Gypsol screeds (from LKAB Minerals and manufactured in the UK) are a type of anhydrite screed that is free flowing, self compacting, and requires no curing agents. It is one of the most fast drying types of anhydrite-based screed, and comes in a variety of different mixes.

Gypsol Classic is a general all-purpose screed. HTC is the mix specifically made for use with water underfloor heating. Gypsol Rustique is made for combined use with SIKAFLOOR 2540w epoxy coating as a floor finish. The TS-15 and TS-20 are ultrathin applications for 15mm and 20mm depths respectively. Gypsol XS is a gypsol floor screed extra strength application, for heavy loads and higher levels of traffic. Lastly is Gypsol Sureflow, designed for small scale applications and underfloor heating.

Gypsol Classic


Gypsol HTC


Gypsol TS-15


Gypsol TS-20


Gypsol Rustique


Gypsol Sureflo


Gypsol XS


Cement-Based Screeds

We currently offer flowing concrete screeds from 3 different manufacturers. Cemfloor liquid screed is one of the most highly suitable for covering water underfloor heating pipes. Longfloor dries in one third of the time of standard anhydrite flowing screeds (not including fast-drying variants). Topflow is a multipurpose cement screed for domestic and commercial applications.

Topflow Screed C Belitex




Longfloor Integracure


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