8 Tips & Tricks to Make the Most of Your Heating System

Make the Most of Your Heating – 8 Tips & Tricks!


Heating Tips & Tricks


Your heating system is one of the most important systems in your property, keeping you warm in the cold as well as providing you with the hot water that you need for everyday life. Although everyone utilises their heating systems, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make the most of your heating system as well as some very interesting and innovative ways to increase the efficiency of heating in your home and saving you money on energy bills!


At Easyflow, we are industry leaders in the Midlands & North West for all aspects related to liquid floor screed and underfloor heating. Underfloor heating systems are a highly innovative and cost effective heating solution. Whether you are looking to install a new heating system or are looking to replace a more traditional heating system then we can help you during the entirety of your project.


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The Obvious Choice – Install an Underfloor Heating System!


Underfloor Heating With Liquid Floor Screed


The first obvious choice to make the most out of the heating system in your home is to install an underfloor heating system. There are many benefits to the efficiency and coverage of heating of your property when you choose to install an underfloor heating system. As your underfloor heating system evenly distributes heat from the floor upwards, this ensures that the room is heated evenly. As we will discuss in another point on this article, even heat distribution is important for the overall thermal efficiency of your heating system. Compared to traditional radiator heating systems, the distribution of heat is much more effective in terms of cost and heating.


Your underfloor heating system can be installed in both traditional and new build properties. This is ideal for those who are looking to replace a traditional heating system with a luxurious and innovative system. Choosing an underfloor heating system is the perfect way to enjoy cost-effective and even heating throughout a room or rooms in your property.


2. Heating the Room is Highly Important


Heating the Room


Working perfectly with underfloor heating systems, it’s important to bear in mind that heating the entire room is highly important. With more traditional heating systems, you may find that are are draughts or pockets of air which are not heated. This means that there is uneven heat distribution in the room which affects the warmth and feel of the room. Ensuring that you can heat the room fully will help you get the most out of your heating system and an underfloor heating system works perfectly to heat your room evenly.


3. Heating the Person not the Property


Keeping Warm


There may be some situations in which you do not want to use your heating system and still want to feel warm inside your home. Although it may seem as if this is an obvious solution, investing in some warm clothes or a hot water bottle can be a great way to keep warm without having to resort to your heating system. Of course, they won’t beat the lovely feeling of a fully heated room but this can be a great alternative when you do not want to switch on your heating system.


4. Using a Thermostat with Your Heating System


Smart Underfloor Heating Systems


Although there are myths that running your heating system all the time is more cost effective than turning your heating system on and off – these myths are simply not true. The most effective and cost-effective way to use your heating system is with a thermostat or timing system which can regulate when your heating system is used and will heat the room to a temperature that suits you.


Our underfloor heating systems can also be equipped with underfloor heating control systems. As the integrated or ‘Smart Home’ is becoming more and more popular, we can also offer the Heatmiser neoAir which allows for a wire-free App controllable solution of your heating and hot water. Using a thermostat and control system is a hassle-free way of controlling your heating system and hot water and is much more effective than running your heating system constantly.


5. Make Sure to Have Curtains in Your Property


Heating With Curtains


Your windows are one of the key areas where heat can escape which can have a negative impact on the efficiency of your heating system. Thick curtains are the perfect way to prevent heat loss from windows and can be used to let natural light in during the day and keep heat in at night. You can even invest in specially designed thermal curtains which are designed with thermal efficiency in mind. If you are feeling inventive, you can also install curtains in doorways which will have a similar effect on keeping heat from escaping from room to room.


6. Double Glazed Windows


Double Glazing


Continuing on from using curtains for your windows, it’s also important to ensure that your windows are thermally efficient. Your heating system will generate heat effectively (especially if you are using an underfloor heating system) however windows with poor thermal efficiency will hamper this greatly. If you do not have double glazed windows then you should definitely consider installing these as well as other insulation materials such as loft insulation.


If you do not own the property or cannot install double glazed windows for another reason then a thin piece of airtight material (such as clingfilm that you use in your kitchen) can actually be used as an insulation option! You can also fit a pane of glass over your window to act as a pseudo double glazing system if you find that you are unable to have double glazed windows installed.


7. Switch & Save – Consider Your Utility Provider


Save on Heating Bills


Another way in which you can make the most out of your underfloor heating system is to consider your energy provider and if you are getting the best prices for your gas and electric. If you have a gas or electric boiler then you will want to consider this, it’s important to remember that an underfloor heating system can also be set up to boilers that have more renewable energy sources. Your underfloor heating system will operate at a lower temperature than traditional central heating systems so will be cheaper to run than these systems.


8. Renewable Energy Sources & Underfloor Heating Systems


Renewable Energy Underfloor Heating


Your underfloor heating system can connect to other types of energy sources, they are not just confined to connecting to a boiler system. A ground source heat pump can be used for example to provide energy for your underfloor heating system by heating the water that heats the underfloor heating system. Renewable energy sources are likely to become more and more popular in the future and this is an exciting application for your underfloor heating system.


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