Laitance Removal / Screed Sanding

Laitance Removal / Screed Sanding Preparation For Tiled Underfloor Heating

Before laying tiles for tiled underfloor heating, or other finishes on to a calcium sulphate screed one of the most important tasks is the removal of laitance. In the video above you can see this process being carried out at a property preparing for underfloor heating, Leicester.

Why does Laitance need to be removed for underfloor heating installation?

Laitance is a weak layer of fine particles deposited on the surface of the screed as the anhydrite cures, this layer is too weak to tile onto and can also slow down drying times. Laitance should be removed by light abrasion using a suitable sanding machine.

When should it be done?

The best time to do this is 7 to 14 days after the installation of the screed. It will also help to dry the screed as it allows the moisture to escape.

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