The Advantages of Liquid Floor Screed Over Sand Cement Screed

EasyFlow Liquid Screed is designed to provide a smooth, level surface prior to the application of final floor finishes. It can be used bonded, unbonded or floated and with or without underfloor heating.

Liquid floor screeds have many advantages over the traditional sand cement floor screeds:

  • Installation of liquid floor screed is less labour intensive and over 10 times faster than sand cement screed.
  • Screed depth can be reduced significantly, meaning you can increase the thermal efficiency of your property by installing thicker floor insulation.
  • A reduced depth of floor screed means reduced weight and drying times.
  • EasyFlow Liquid Screed can be walked on 24 hours after application, meaning minimal disturbance to other trades on site.
  • EasyFlow Liquid Screed can be force dried – as early as 7 days after application.

Liquid Screed Over Underfloor Heating

There are no bigger advantages of the product than when used with underfloor heating, a reduced depth of liquid floor screed, compared to traditional screeds, minimises heat storage resulting in a floor that responds rapidly to user requirement thus increasing the efficiency of your underfloor heating system.

EasyFlow Liquid Screed flows around underfloor heating pipes ensuring that there are no voids; resulting in an even, radiant heat.