Are underfloor heating systems more sustainable?

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The importance of sustainable solutions to heating and other activities around the home & for businesses has led to an increased demand for sustainable products and products that are greener / more environmentally friendly. This has led to a push and a revolution in the way that homes and businesses operate – including one of the most important aspects which is the central heating/heating system as well as insulation. This has led to the rise in popularity of a variety of heating systems – most prominently hydronic (water-based) underfloor heating systems.

Once associated with luxurious hotel complexes – underfloor heating systems are now a highly viable heating option that is available to a huge array of homes and businesses. When looking to increase the sustainability of a home or business – hydronic underfloor heating systems are the perfect system to use when installing in a new-build or renovation project.

This article goes into more detail about the ways in which you can integrate sustainable technologies as well as underfloor heating systems to increase the energy efficiency of your home or business.

How is an Underfloor Heating System More Energy Efficient?

Government plans and other schemes aim to ensure that gas-based heating systems are replaced with more renewable or greener solutions. This would naturally see the implementation of other systems such as underfloor heating systems as they are more energy-efficient than other more traditional heating systems.

Underfloor heating systems heat water to lower temperatures which ensures that your underfloor heating system is cheaper to run than traditional heating systems. This also ensures that the underfloor heating system is more environmentally friendly than radiator based heating systems.

The overall benefits of underfloor heating are as follows:

  • Energy-efficient – works on lower temperatures so reduces heat cost, no cold spots as covers the entire floor.
  • Easy to run – once installed, virtually no maintenance required with correct installation.
  • Works well with all floor coverings.
  • More space and design freedom as no radiators used.
  • Minimum air movement means less dust so fewer dust mites and allergens in the air.
  • In wet areas (bath, shower rooms, Kitchen etc) the floors will dry quicker.

Doing More Than Just Putting Money Back in Your Pocket

Although saving money is one of the huge benefits of installing an underfloor heating system – the fact that you are installing a heating system that is better for the environment is also hugely important to some homeowners. For companies that are constructing homes – there are certain requirements for construction that are looking to be introduced in the near future. The UK Government, for example, plans to opt-out of gas-based boilers and heating systems in the next few decades which shows the push forwards for certain systems to be implemented and introduced.

The fact that underfloor heating systems have the ability to be heated by alternative power sources is also of huge benefit to those who want to reduce their environmental impact. Heat ground pumps and other methods can currently be integrated into the heating of wet underfloor heating systems with more systems looking to be integrated into the future. With the potential for integration with solar power, hydrogen heat sources and other methods – this system could prove to be one of the most energy-efficient heating systems available – especially compared to traditional heating systems.

As the world will have to look at, review and move away from certain types of heating methods – it is highly exciting to consider how underfloor heating will impact the future of heating. In terms of making homes more sustainable and cost-effective – they are already a great consideration for many homeowners across the country!