Bridgenorth Barn Conversion


A client in Bridgenorth was in the process of converting a rustic historic barn for commercial use and wanted to feature heated floors throughout the premises. Our underfloor heating and liquid screed Shropshire team were contracted to provide this.


Key Considerations

This barn only had one solid floor, which was not built with the intent of human occupation, meaning that issues of heat loss and damp needed to be addressed. This is often the case with historic barns.

Ceiling height was also a consideration we had to manage in our calculations if we wanted to pour liquid screed. As it was one continuous floor 150m² in size, this required effective zoning of our underfloor heating pipes to ensure there wouldn’t be any cold spots.


What We Achieved

This was a stunning barn conversion in Bridgnorth, and we were most happy to breathe life into the floors of the building. It now features heated floors and should not suffer from cold or damp issues ever again.

100mm of insulation was laid with a damp proof membrane to ensure cold and moisture would not affect the Gyvlon screed. We provided effective zoning of the underfloor heating pipes to cover the 150m² area. This was covered by a Gyvlon screed mix, which was poured at a 50mm depth.