Why Consider EasyFlow for Your Underfloor Heating System?

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best in underfloor heating (UFH) systems, together with customer care above and beyond expectations. Our experienced consultants are dedicated to investing their time in planning and designing your underfloor heating system, ensuring that you are supplied with an underfloor system of the very highest standard. Good advice and quality products go hand in hand and this ensures that you get the best possible results from your heating system. Our FREE planning and design service includes:-

• Full CAD design service produced from your architect’s plan, this is bespoke to your project and should not be confused with a schematic drawing. This will include full pipe layout, heat loss calculations, manifold locations, technical data and pump information duties.

• Planning and design can take place with limited impact on your time. In many cases a site visit isn’t necessary, unless the project installation is particularly detailed. In the first instance most questions can be talked through over the telephone, and only then if necessary, would a site visit be arranged at cost, which is deducted from the total invoice amount once an order is placed.

• Our technical team of consultants have many years of experience within the underfloor heating industry and are competent in project managing a wide range of commercial, trade and residential heating and screeding projects.

Installation and Workmanship Guarantee

Our team of friendly, specialist underfloor heating engineers are on-hand to install and test your new system. Once your underfloor heating system is in place you will be provided with a Workmanship Guarantee Certificate. Our guarantee means that your system will be our responsibility for 2 years from installation date. In the rare circumstance that any defects occur as a result of our installation process, the certificate will cover call out charges and labour costs that would have normally been incurred.

Free Commissioning

We offer a free commission visit with every installation of UFH and screed, this ensures that your system is balanced, set correctly, and working at optimum temperature. Maximising heat outputs and minimising energy consumption. Our heating engineer will also spend time with the homeowner or designated operator to familiarise them with all of the controls and thermostats and to ensure that they are comfortable with using the system correctly. We recommend a yearly service and commission to ensure the smooth running of the UFH system, a reminder will be sent automatically when this is due.

50 Year Underfloor Heating Pipework Warranty

All products that we supply are of the highest quality standards and have the assurance of the German pipe manufacturer’s guarantee directly with the manufacturer, this is unique in the UK to our company.

Dedicated Consultant – Every Step of the Way

All of our clients are given a complete one to one service and a dedicated consultant to ‘hold their hand’ through the process of purchasing their underfloor heating system. Working through the architect’s technical plans, to pre-installation and post-installation stages, our consultants spend as much time that is required to ensure that the client is completely comfortable and fully understands the system they are purchasing. During the pre-installation and post-installation stages our consultant will liaise with other contractors who may be working on the client’s project to ensure that our part of the process runs as smoothly as possible and timelines are met.

Environmentally Green Systems

As a company our ethos has always been to be as green as possible, we take this very seriously and have improved our heating systems to reflect this, using cutting edge technology and always striving to develop and educate our staff on the latest build principles. Building and designing energy efficient systems within homes and businesses has become a way of life, and this in turn saves money and the planet we all live in today and for future generations. In most cases our customers have found that our systems have paid for themselves in a little as 2 years through energy savings. With new legislation pending and Government incentives such as the Green Deal it makes sense that there is an underfloor heating system available for every project application. From new build to refurbishment, from church to barn and shopping centre all projects are readily acceptable for underfloor heating.

Some of our green credentials:-

• 98% recycled liquid floor screed – utilising products that would normally have gone to waste and landfill we supply a reduced thickness screed, normally around 50mm. This creates an excellent thermal conductivity of over 30% above a sand and cement screed, which means it’s more responsive, warms up and cools down quicker and gives a much better control over and above using a sand and cement screed. Therefore saving you money on operating costs and reducing your fuel consumption.

• We offer 100% recycled tray panel that UFH pipework can sit into, this is made from off cuts of surplus manufacturing products, which are ground down and moulded into trays, some of which are now being mixed with thermo activating products.

• Our packaging and waste products are recycled downstream into useful items, for example our surplus or scrap pipework is recycled into garden furniture and other miscellaneous items.