Project Case Studies

Conversion of Former Ambulance Station, Shrewsbury

Sector: Commercial
Type: Liquid Floor Screed

EasyFlow were approached by the Developer in April 2015 to visit site and advise on the best floor system to use at the conversion of a former ambulance station in Shrewsbury to incorporate two retail units and two residential units with thirteen further dwellings being built behind the station.

Due to quite a substantial fall across the floor from one end to the other we advised that a level surface could be achieved using a cement based liquid screed which was pumped in and installed on top of the existing concrete sub-base with a polythene separating membrane.

62m3 of cement based liquid screed was required to cover 513 square metres over the ground floor. A full site survey was carried out the day before the day of the installation to check the floor preparation and make arrangements for where the pump would park and see how much pipeline would be required.

On the day of the pour three EasyFlow installers were on site at 7am to set up the pipeline and concrete pump, four delivery trucks were allocated to the project with the first load of liquid screed on site for 8am to ensure that the entire floor could be screeded in one day.

After the tripods were set up to the required datum using a laser level, the screed was pumped in and manipulated into place to meet the required levels. The surface of the screed is then lightly dappled to ensure a smooth finish. A curing agent is then sprayed onto the surface to prohibit the screed from drying out too quickly and cracking.

Upon completion of the screed pour the building was sealed for 24 hours, saw cuts were then made in the surface in place of crack inducers.

After five days, EasyFlow installers returned to site to sand the curing agent off the surface of the screed. This aids in the drying process of the screed and creates a coarse finish ready to take the primer.