Domestic Underfloor Heating Quote

Nationwide installers of underfloor heating and liquid floor screed for your home. Complete the form below for a quick underfloor heating quote and arrange a FREE consultation or call head office 01743 298001

The benefits:

  • Energy efficient – works on lower temperatures so reduces heat cost, no cold spots as covers the entire floor.
  • Easy to run – once installed, virtually no maintenance required with correct installation.
  • Works well with all floor coverings.
  • More space and design freedom as no radiators used.
  • Minimum air movement means less dust so fewer dust mites and allergens in the air.
  • In wet areas (bath, shower rooms, kitchen etc.) the floors will dry quicker.




“Thank you to the Easyflow team.

The whole process was made much easier after my initial consultation on site to talk through what was required. I asked for various quotes on different options available and after deciding on a screed pour only option, the actual pouring of the screed was arranged and sorted within 1 week’s notice period.

The workmen where fast and efficient and left the place tidy without mess.

Thank you”

Richard Challinor, 100sqm in Pontesbury