EasyFlow Joins the Flowing Screeds Association

EasyFlow are proud to announce our successful application towards joining the Flowing Screeds Association (FSA). We are now officially a member and from now on, you will see their logo alongside ours.

Our professional screed installers will benefit from the FSA’s ongoing support, and we hope to use our membership to increase the quality of our floor refurbishment service.


What is the Flowing Screeds Association?

This is an organisation of liquid screed installers, manufacturers and associated professionals like architects. Manufacturers of some of our favourite flowing screeds were founding members, including Cemfloor and Longfloor.

The association is dedicated to providing training and technical documents to screed installers, in order to raise industry standards and awareness of potential issues. As more companies get involved, they hope to offer more benefits and industry expertise.


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What This Means for EasyFlow

We’re already one of the UK’s leading screed installers, and our membership will be key to ensuring our standards remain high. With the FSA’s resources, we hope to be able to continue the professional development of our team, and upskill new additions in the ways of liquid screed.

The goal is to benefit from expertise and strengthen the services we provide to our valued clients. In the long term, we and the FSA hope to increase the impact of high quality liquid screeds in the wider construction industry.

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