Problem Solving in Chester


This domestic client initially approached us to screed over some underfloor heating they had already had laid for their new kitchen extension in Chester. Another company had installed the floor insulation and underfloor heating prior to us, but were unable to carry out the screeding.

Key Considerations

The main consideration for floor screeding laid independently after another underfloor heating installer is always the depth measurements. Different companies often use different calculations and if they are not experienced with liquid screed, this can lead to un-optimal depths being calculated.

We highly recommend that prospective clients do not split underfloor heating jobs between separate installers, as this is frequently an issue that occurs as a result. At best, we can change the screed we pour to a slightly different one. In worse case scenarios, we have to replace entire systems.

What We Achieved

After surveying the site the day before the planned pour, surveyors confirmed that the builders had not left enough depth to get the required coverage with the liquid screed. 

We discussed the options with our clients. Option one was to re-lay the pipes within a structural panel, such as the Robbens Systems Profi-Low system. This system could then be covered with a smoothing compound. However, this wasn’t ideal as it would result in a build-up of just 15mm.

We explained other solutions and decided with the clients on option two; to remove the pipes and the thermal insulation below and replace with a lower depth insulation and new pipes. This led to the homeowners commissioning us to replace the insulation, polythene membrane, and underfloor heating pipework before installing a 50mm liquid screed.

We undertook further surveys of their property to ensure that our liquid floor screeding process would be as efficient as possible, to maintain high standards of thermal insulation


‘Thank you for installing the screed and pipes. We are really pleased with the work carried out and look forward to getting the heat up and running! We were very impressed with how polite everyone has been and we would happily recommend EasyFlow. The whole process has been wonderful.’