Give your project a Health Check

With the recent extension to the retirement age, and the potential that this could be extended further it is quite clear that the issue of traditional sand and cement screeding has become a topic of discussion.

The issue of the Health and Safety aspects of this traditional type of screeding have been ignored until recently. The concept of corporate liability and ‘no win no fee’ cases has highlighted to the industry the importance of ‘engineering out’ as much risk as possible.

With traditional screeders now having to consider having to work into their late sixties the increases in industrial claims will only grow. This has led to more projects turning to Gyvlon and Calcium Sulphate pumpable screed being used.

Doesn’t it make sense to ‘engineer out’ the vast majority of the risks associated with Sand and Cement screeding? risks such as heavy lifting, exposure to mechanical plant, physical strain to muscles and joints, repetitive strain injuries, exposure to cement, fall injuries, the list could go on.

Following independent studies in Holland and Germany these risks have now been considered to be too high to be allowed to continue. Although Germany are still considering their potential legislation, Holland have introduced a 5 year plan to phase out commercial hand compacted Sand and Cement screeding. To continue to lay traditional sand and cement through this 5 year plan the Dutch government have insisted on mechanical lifting equipment and motorised barrows etc to be introduced.

The total m2 that can be laid by screeders per day is now 80m2, reducing by 20m2 per year.

Gyvlon screed is seen by many to be the way forward as it removes, or reduces, these risks dramatically. No heavy lifting, exposure to mechanical plant, hand compaction on hands and knees, etc.

The question always asked is how much extra will it cost to engineer out these risks?

The great thing about Gyvlon is that if you specify it correctly the use of Gyvlon should give you substantial cost savings over traditional sand and cement screeds.

To ensure that your project ‘engineers out’ the many health and safety issues associated with screeding without increasing your costs please contact us.