Gyvlon Launches New Thermio+ Screed; EasyFlow to Supply Nationwide

Gyvlon ‘Environmental Screed Solutions’ have developed a new guaranteed ultra-efficient screed for underfloor heating.

Thermio+ delivers up to 30% increase in the thermal value coefficient for maximised performance of the underfloor heating system.

Up to 80% thermal diffusivity for a much faster ramp-up in temperature, greatly improving immediate and long term comfort.

You can also save up to 8% on your heating bills.

Gyvlon Thermio+ is the only screed with a guaranteed thermal performace.

Plus all the normal benefits you’d expect from Gyvlon products;

  • Very high fluidity for fast installation
  • Minimum SR2 surface finish
  • Greatly reduced cracking and no curling
  • No reinforcement needed
  • No need for a curing membrane
  • Typically 36% recycled content

Contact EasyFlow today for Gyvlon Thermio+ screed in your area.