Extension in Leominster, Herefordshire


In January 2020 a homeowner contacted us to price 240m² of flowing screed at 60mm for his extension and renovation project in Leominster, Herefordshire. The client anticipated using an anhydrite screed to refurbish their solid floors.

Key Considerations

As with all flowing screed projects, our liquid screed Birmingham would need to survey the area to confirm the amount of screed needed and the depth. If the measurements were 

What We Achieved

Our liquid screed Birmingham operatives surveyed the floor with a laser to determine the right amount of screed required to meet the clients’ datum point. Tt was established that the floor area and depth were slightly less than originally priced for; meaning we could complete the project under budget!

We discussed the option of a faster-drying product with the client. Upon weighing up the benefits of each screed, the client decided to stick with the original anhydrite screed. We used the Gyvlon screed brand and Flowmix of Tewkesbury supplied the ready-mixed flowing screed to the site. We started in the morning and finished before lunch. Within 48 hours the screed will be dry enough to walk on.


I can’t thank you and the guys enough, they’ve done a great job from what I can see from the photos, and I’m very much looking forward to getting in and taking a look once it’s dried. The guys that came to site were very professional and nothing was too much trouble, they filled me with great confidence that we chose the right company for the job.