Liquid Floor Screeding Leeds: Upgrade Your Residential or Commercial Flooring

Screeding solutions provided by Easyflow’s floor screeding Leeds experts involve a thin layer of solid, smooth material applied to a concrete subfloor, to provide a level floor surface before a final finish is applied. Screeding is an excellent way to breathe quality and purpose into old floors and prepare new floors for the final finish. Used in hundreds of projects, we offer a range of innovative liquid screeds to perfectly suit the requirements of your property. 


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When can liquid screed be used? 

Liquid screed can be used for various projects – as long as the concrete subfloor has already been laid – it can then be used on top of damp membranes, insulating materials, and underfloor heating pipes. 

Benefits of Liquid Screed Leeds

Quick and simple to install

Due to the flowing nature, it is very quick and simple to pour over your surface in comparison to alternatives. It also requires a lot less labour so you won’t be waiting around for days for it to be installed. 

Fast drying 

As well as fast installation, liquid floor screed is also the fastest drying screed type. Traditional it can take several days to dry before being suitable to walk on, leading to project delays. Liquid screed, however, can be laid in a much thinner layer and can be ready to walk on within 24-48 hours. This benefit alone can make this type of screeding the optimal choice in instances where you’re battling time constraints. Fast drying formulations such as Gyvlon Eco FD have been used in several projects by Easyflow for both domestic and commercial projects. 

Achieves a smooth finish

As the name suggests, it has a higher water content in comparison to alternatives, making it fast-flowing and leading to a smooth finish being consistently achieved. The enhanced flowability of the substance means it is self-levelling which not only speeds up the installation process but also provides a smooth, even surface ready for the final covering. 

Ideal used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems

While both traditional and liquid kinds can be used to cover underfloor heating systems, liquid screed is often the preferred method because the flowing nature means all gaps should be filled, leaving a void-free, quality finish. This screed also helps to improve efficiency, providing all the heating pipes are covered, and the floor almost becomes a huge flat concrete radiator, releasing heat in a uniform manner.  

Efficient Heating Solutions Leeds

As well as floor screeding, our team at Easyflow provides underfloor heating solutions to several domestic and commercial properties every year. Combining our services, we can provide a full flooring solution, installing efficient underfloor heating, and then sealing this system with floor screed completed by our floor screeding Leeds experts to provide a smooth and even finish. 

We are beginning to expand our services, meaning we now provide our customers with floor screeding and efficient heating solutions Leeds, York, Sheffield, and surrounding areas as well as in the Midlands. Contact our team now to receive a quote, or get in touch with any related questions. 

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