Liquid Floor Screeding

Use & Applications of Liquid Floor Screed – When Should You Use Liquid Floor Screed?

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Liquid floor screed is a product that is ideally suited for underfloor heating systems and for flooring applications. Although this is deemed as different from more ‘traditional’ methods of flooring – there are many exceptional benefits when you choose to opt for liquid floor screed.


If you find yourself asking questions such as: “what are the benefits of liquid floor screed” or “how can I use liquid floor screed in my construction or home improvement project?” we have the answers for you. We have created this blog to provide further information on liquid floor screed as well as why you should consider this product for your underfloor heating system. So read on to find out more about liquid floor screed and our liquid floor screed products!


What is Liquid Floor Screed?


Liquid floor screed is a material that can be utilised for a range of flooring projects – especially when used in projects with uneven flooring that needs to be levelled or when you are installing an underfloor heating system. Other traditional materials and screeds were used in the past but the industry has quickly moved to prefer liquid floor screed. This is mainly because of the benefits that liquid floor screed offers in terms of speed of laying – drying speed & the ability to walk on the surface within just 24-48 hours. This is hugely beneficial to the logistics of your project and will ensure that processes run smoothly whilst your liquid screed floor is laid.


Liquid Floor Screed offers superior structural strength which is exceptionally important for a variety of different projects. Compared to traditional cement/sand screed – liquid floor screed excels in every area and this is why it has become one of the most popular and reliable screeds in the market.


Why is Liquid Floor Screed Recommended With Underfloor Heating?


You will often see that liquid floor screed is the recommended material for use with wet underfloor heating systems – especially used in combination with one another during installation. Liquid floor screed is highly thermally efficient which offers improved thermal efficiency for underfloor heating systems – especially when compared to traditional screed. This is why liquid floor screeds are preferred for underfloor heating over other traditional screeds such as cement/sand screed.


If you are looking into the environmental benefits of underfloor heating then liquid screed is also better for the environment than other materials. This ensures that you can improve your energy efficiency, save money on your energy bills & make your heating system greener. The lack of disruption caused by liquid screed also means that other tradesmen that may be on-site whilst you are installing an underfloor heating system are not disrupted while trying to complete other tasks on site.


‘When dealing with depths in excess of 75mm or for garage floors Easyflow are able to recommend the use of a cement-based liquid floor screed which can be pumped applied and laser levelled for a precise floor finish. Topflow Horizontal’s finishing characteristics and high-quality surface finish can eliminate the need to power float concrete on-site dependent on project specification.’


Liquid Floor Screed for Your Flooring Requirements – Older Properties


For older or historic properties – liquid floor screed can be used as a great way to level floors and to create a smooth finish. After the floor surface is laid – it is simple to add your preferred choice of floor finish. This can include a wide range of floor finishes such as wood, tiles or laminate and can be matched to the style of your property.


If you are looking to upgrade your current flooring then liquid floor screed is a fantastic product. You are also able to install underfloor heating in your older or historic property which allows you to enjoy underfloor heating – all year round.


Liquid Floor Screed for Your Flooring Requirements – New-Build Properties


Underfloor heating is ideally suited to be installed in new-build properties. This is because of the fact that it can be easily integrated into the design and building stages of the project. The fast-drying properties and ability to force dry the screed is very beneficial in new-build projects where there are likely many tradesmen looking to complete works across site. This ensures that the laying of the liquid screed can be organised to minimise disruption whilst also being fast to dry with the ability to force drying should this be required.


If you are looking to install a wide range of energy efficient features in a new-build property then underfloor heating and liquid floor screed fits perfectly into the design specification. Governments are facing increased pressures to increase the efficiency of new properties so products such as underfloor heating systems and liquid floor screed are ideally suited for greener installations. When used in combination with other energy-saving products such as double/triple glazing, loft insulation & increased insulation – underfloor heating and liquid floor screed are ideally suited for the project specifications.


Choosing Liquid Floor Screed

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Should you decide that you want to rebuild or redesign your flooring space then liquid floor screed is the perfect product for you. With a wide range of finishes available – you are able to execute your desired floor style to the letter. Liquid floor screed is our preferred screed for these applications – especially when compared to cement / sand-based screeds. As discussed – we are able to recommend the use of a cement-based liquid floor screed which can be pumped and applied and laser levelled for a precise floor finish. This can be used for depths that are in excess of 75mm or for garage floors.


If you want to find out more about the applications of liquid floor screed for underfloor heating systems – contact our team to find out more. You can get in touch using a contact form on our website or telephone a member of our team of liquid floor screed & underfloor heating experts. We are more than happy to discuss our liquid floor screed & your building requirements.