Liquid Screed in Oakengates, Shropshire


BallPoint Sports Bar is a popular venue in Oakengates, Telford where patrons can enjoy snooker, pool, darts, and live sport broadcasts. In 2024. The venue was undergoing a refurbishment and asked our liquid screed Shropshire team to carry out floor levelling with a liquid cement screed.


Key Considerations

The area requiring floor levelling was 320m² in size, one of the largest we have had to pour. This would require a cement screed formulation suitable for large scale application. The floor itself was not level in some areas and this would require measuring to calculate the right datum point to pour the screed to.


What we Achieved

Our liquid screed Shropshire surveyors visited the site in Telford with a laser leveller to take accurate measurements and discuss options with the client. Cemfloor screed was chosen for application because it is a cement screed suitable for large-scale applications.

Our team visited the site and laid several series of damp-proof membranes across the floor. These were sealed tightly together to form a continuous membrane across the floor. The liquid screed was then poured and tamped to ensure even application and that no air pockets were present in the screed.

As cemfloor is a self-compacting screed, it naturally does floor levelling as it dries and within 24 hours it is cured sufficiently for floor traffic. Refurbishment of BallPoint Sports Bar could continue on schedule following our work.