New Builds on the Wirral


A Merseyside-based developer was creating two prestigious new build properties on the Wirral. They contracted our underfloor heating Liverpool business to supply and install a full turnkey underfloor heating and floor insulation solution for these properties. 

Key Considerations

New builds of high quality are relatively complication-free. As the properties were designed with water heated floors in mind, many of the considerations we face during retrofitting are not present. 

Our main obstacle would be external factors. Due to COVID-19, the project could face delays. Lockdowns could pause all work, and new safety regulations were in place. We needed to uphold stricter health and safety standards than normal to ensure the wellbeing of the team.

What We Achieved

Our underfloor heating Liverpool installers visited the site to firm up the scope of works and to determine the exact depths of thermal floor insulation required. This calculation ensured that the liquid anhydrite screed could be kept to a depth of 50mm.

Shortly after our inspection, a COVID-19 lockdown was issued. We weren’t able to start on site until mid-February 2021, when restrictions for construction-based work were lifted. Fortunately, all the calculations and survey work had been carried out beforehand, meaning we could get straight to work.

Work progressed at a good pace. We tested our workers for COVID-19 regularly, and provided them with personal protective equipment to help ensure there was no transmission on-site that would put them at risk.

Within four days, the floor insulation, water heated floor pipes, and anhydrite screed were laid without complications to a high standard. Within several days, the Merseyside-based developer was able to continue construction of these prestigious properties.