Project Case Study

At Craven Arms Shropshire 


We bought the field in 2016, we have always wanted to do a self-build. This plot was ideal for our family due to the in-town location, close to work and schooling likewise the surrounding countryside ideal for our dog!


The idea was to do the project with no time scale bit by bit as we saved. However Mother Nature had other plans, we were flooded out of our previous property so took the plunge to get a caravan on site, sell our property (post repairs of course!) and put all of our time and money into the build. Minus two small children in a caravan it has worked out well, we have really enjoyed being on site, being able to see every step of the build. The children have really enjoyed living on site and getting involved (I’m unsure if I have enjoyed this part as much but as long as they are having fun!). We are aiming for the project to be finished by October 2019, to then put our efforts into the landscaping around the build and have the garage built in 2020.


We went for an open plan living style for the build, the concept being around a family orientated environment and ideal for entertaining. We opted for underfloor heating to save space with radiators, cost efficiency and for the comforting feel. We used Easyflow due to recommendation from our plumber, through positive reviews and researching about the company. We found them to be very professional, efficient, easy to deal with and cost-efficient. We would highly recommend their service to any other potential self-builders.



Project Specifications – 112sqm Preparation and 70mm Liquid Screed