Underfloor Heating Refurbishment in Birmingham


This client was a site manager for local historical restoration projects in Birmingham. We discussed supplying and installing underfloor heating and liquid screed at his own listed property in Birmingham.


Key Considerations

This was a historic property undergoing refurbishment, with a mix of ageing brickwork and modern extension work. The manifold couldn’t be placed on the original walls, making finding a suitable location critical.

With older buildings, there can be limitations on the work you can do, compared to a contemporary property. These may restrict the application of floor insulation, liquid screed, or method of providing heated flooring. In this project, the heating could only be installed on the solid concrete floor.


What We Achieved

The surveyors from our underfloor heating Birmingham team visited the property to calculate the levels of liquid screed needed and the best placement of the manifold. It was agreed that the manifold would be mounted on a stud wall cabinet, this would allow optimal access for the piping without creating hot spots. To keep the floor as close to the original, self levelling concrete screed was chosen to cover the pipework.