Sutton Wood Barn Conversions


Ruby Rennovations is a Shropshire based building company who took on the task of restoring several barns and converting them into cosy homes. We were tasked with providing liquid screed over bespoke underfloor heating and floor insulation.


Key Considerations

Two of the barn units didn’t yet have a sub-base foundation, and others had degraded brickwork that had gaps in some areas. New walls and reinforcements were due to be put in these places, but the timescale of the project didn’t allow for these to be put in place beforehand.

It’s not recommendable to build anything over a floating screed as this will compact the floor insulation and provide minimal tensile strength. Underfloor heating under a wall is an absolute no, as this would put unnecessary pressure on the pipes. Therefore, we needed to work around these walls ahead of time.


What We Achieved

For the two units that did not have a proper concrete sub base, the first job on site for our liquid floor screeding Shropshire team was to supply and install 110mm cement based self-compacting liquid screed. This would provide a firm foundation for the next stage of work.

We installed floor insulation across the barns before our installers returned to site to prepare the floor with a 1200 gauge polythene membrane and perimeter expansion foam. We blocked out the areas where new walls would be built and placed perimeter expansion foam around these. That way, the new walls could be built direct to the sub-base for maximum strength. 

The floors were later laser levelled to the customer’s datum point to determine how much liquid screed was needed to cover the underfloor heating pipes.

The pre-assembled manifolds were set up in agreed locations. One manifold in particular was able to take advantage of a gap in the original brickwork to provide a very heat efficient layout. The rest were placed in a utility room or under the stairs.

Our installers then fill the system with water and pressure test to check for leaks before installing a 50mm liquid floor screed.



“Extremely satisfied with the professionalism of Easyflow, communication regarding our project and all works were carried out to a high standard. We will continue to use Easyflow on all future developments. Many thanks”

– Tara, Ruby Renovations.