Underfloor Heating Installation

Easy Backer Board

Key facts:

  • Ideal for refurbishment
  • Lightweight
  • Prevents downward heat loss
  • Suitable for tiles or engineered wood to be bonded directly
  • Can be used with carpets
  • No wet screed is required
  • For use with 16mm underfloor heating pipe
  • 20mm thickness
  • 150mm pipe centres


Frequently known as a ‘tile backer board’ this system is a 17mm insulation panel with a 1.5mm scrim reinforced cementitious layer to the top and bottom. Ideal for refurbishments and upper floors where height is a concern.

Despite the name, the board is not solely designed for use with tiles, both tiles and engineered wood flooring can be laid directly on top of the panels using a standard adhesive. This speeds up the usual process since the floor coverings can be laid directly after the boards, no waiting around for screed to dry! A 5mm levelling compound is required over the panels before laying carpet. Tile and engineered wood flooring can be laid directly on top of the panels.

Profi-Max plastic tray panels are to be used for the transition areas as they allow for very tight, flexible pipe runs.


Easy Backer Board panels are supplied at a standard 600mm x 400mm, once the manifold has been installed in the desired location, the boards can be installed and secured to timber floors using screws or through existing concrete with glue.

The panels are supplied pre-grooved to accept a 16mm that pushes into the grooves during installation.


If tiling the floor on top of Easy Backer Board we would recommend a decoupling membrane (such as Schluter Ditra 25 Matting) be used directly onto the Easy Backer Board.

If laying a carpet, we recommend priming the boards (Tilemaster PrimePlus or similar) before applying a minimum of 6mm latex such as Tilemaster LevelFlex+ Depth. This product will be dry enough for foot traffic after 2.5 hours, when you can prime again before tiling.