The benefits

Instant warmth underfoot…
EasyFlow liquid floor screed provides the best conductivity between your final floor finish and underfoot, giving an even room temperature

The benefits

The benefits

Save time and money
EasyFlow liquid screed can be walked on within 24-48 hours, which can save time by speeding up build projects considerably

The benefits

The benefits

Savings of between 20-40% off your heating bills…
Improved thermal efficiencies in buildings means less energy is used to heat your property

The benefits

The benefits

No unsightly radiators…
With no radiators on show there's more wall space for your furniture

The benefits



Gyvlon Launches New Thermio+ Screed; EasyFlow to Supply Nationwide  [09/04/14] read more

Gyvlon 'Environmental Screed Solutions' have developed a new guaranteed ultra-efficient screed for underfloor heating.

Click 'read more' for all of the benefits...


EasyFlow Gains Acclaim Health & Safety Accreditation  [11/02/14] read more

Acclaim is a health and safety accreditation service developed by Constructionline, the Government owned certification service, and exclusively available to its membership.

Acclaim is a member of 'Safety Schemes in Procurement' (SSIP)...


We are Now Constructionline Registered!  [17/12/13] read more

EasyFlow Ltd is proud to have become a certified member of the UK's largest and only government owned pre-qualification scheme for the construction industry.

Because we have undergone thorough and rigorous checks to gain certification,...

The Advantages of Liquid Floor Screed Over Sand Cement Screed  [05/12/13] read more

EasyFlow Liquid Screed is designed to provide a smooth, level surface prior to the application of final floor finishes. It can be used bonded, unbonded or floated and with or without underfloor heating.

Liquid floor screeds have many...


The Advantages of Underfloor Heating  [16/07/12] read more

Previously, we have discussed the various advantages of Gyvlon with Underfloor Heating.

"We have explained why a self compacting pumpable screed that flows around the pipes ensuring that every millimetre of pipe is in contact...


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