EasyFlow Liquid Floor Screed in the Midlands

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EasyFlow Screed is a floor screeding service using an innovative, pumpable liquid screed. It provides fast, efficient and precise floor covering.

This revolutionary new liquid floor screeding service is available throughout the West Midlands area – including Wolverhampton, Dudley, Coseley, Birmingham, Bilston, Wednesbury, Wallsall, West Bromwich, Sutton Coldfield, Smethwick, Oldbury, Solihull, Halesowen, Tipton, in fact every city, town and village..

It is ideal for under-floor heating as the screed flows around the pipes, forming a void-free finish. No voids mean greater conductivity – allowing the heat to diffuse evenly in the screed.

This type of floor is also referred to as liquid floor screed, self levelling floor screed, calcium sulphate screed, anhydrite screed.

Thinner Layer

The physical properties of the material allows for a thinner screed, therefore there is less material to heat, so the room reaches its desired temperature faster and more efficiently.

Even without under-floor heating, it still has advantages to traditional screed. It is possible to reduce the screed thickness to 25mm due to it being far more robust than traditional screeds, reaching strengths of 30N/mm2.

Dry in 24 Hours

In good drying conditions, EasyFlow liquid floor screed is ready for light traffic in 24-48 hours – allowing other aspects of your building project to progress without delay.

Room Preparation Guide

It’s essential that the room(s) is prepared exactly to our specifications as detailed in our room preparation guide. Failure to comply with this may delay the installation of the liquid floor screed.
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Project Examples

We have collected together a small selection of project case studies.

Wide Availability

We have local depots located throughout the West Midlands – which enables us to easily supply EasyFlow Liquid Floor Screed to projects throughout Birmingham and surrounding areas. If you are out of these areas, please contact us as it’s highly likely that we can still help you.

Underfloor Heating

EasyFlow liquid floor screed is perfect for heated floors. Call us for more information about underfloor heating, Birmingham and West Midlands area.

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