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We work with homeowners, commercial property managers and construction project managers to provide energy efficient, smart underfloor heating systems across the UK including Shropshire, the Midlands, North West England, and South Wales.

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Our Underfloor Heating 5 Step Process

1. Planning & Design
2. Lay Insulation
3. Install Underfloor Heating Pipes
4. Pour Liquid Floor Screed
5. Leave To Dry For 24/48 Hours

What is Underfloor Heating?

With an underfloor heating system, warm water from a boiler or heat pump is circulated through a series of pipes installed and integrated within the floor. The heat that is emitted from the floor is natural radiated heat, providing a more comfortable and even temperature throughout a building. Not to mention, it is more energy efficient than radiator or electric heating systems!

In-floor heating is quickly becoming the modern, go-to central heating solution for residential and commercial buildings. Our underfloor heating installers are on hand to give you a no-obligation quote, contact them today and start your underfloor heating journey.

How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost?

Underfloor heating installation costs depend on the building’s individual floor plan, the system used, smart heating system integrations, and other factors. Below are average prices for our underfloor heating installers fitting the Easy Standard system with supply of a smart heating system.

25 to 30sqm project
40 to 50sqm project
60 to 70sqm project
80 to 90sqm project
100sqm project

All underfloor heating costs shown are indications only and are subject to a review of individual floor plans and other factors. Prices are also subject to the prevailing rate of VAT at the time of pricing. Included in the pricing is standard components, such as:

  • Premium manifold with flow adjusters, mixing valves, actuators, and pump
  • 16mm German manufactured Pert-al-Pert or PEX pipework, and pipe fittings
  • Supply of Heatmiser Neo thermostats and wiring centre


  • Manual, CAD drawings, and wire diagrams
  • 500 gauge polythene separating membrane
  • Perimeter edging expansion foam


Combine Underfloor Heating With Smart Heating Systems & Floor Screeding

Liquid floor screeding provides a fast, efficient, and robust floor covering for your underfloor heating pipes. The liquid screed flows around the pipes, forming a void-free finish that will help insulate and protect your pipes. Once dried sufficiently, it can be built upon, withstanding up to 30 tonnes per m² in weight!

At EasyFlow, we use the Heatmiser series of smart heating system controls. With smart controls, you can control individual room temperatures. This can help reduce your energy usage whilst increasing comfort and luxury in your home.

Get Underfloor Heating for Wooden Flooring Over Joists!

You can install underfloor heating for wooden flooring, tiled flooring, and carpeted flooring with one of our 3 installation systems. Each system is uniquely tailored to address the various flooring types present in UK homes and businesses.

Our Easy Standard is designed for solid flooring, and uses floor screeding to provide you with a solid foundation that will last for years. Easy Backer is best used where there is a limit on build height. And underfloor heating for wooden flooring is possible through our Easy Joist system. For more information on each system, click one of the following buttons below.

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