Underfloor Heating

How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost?

25 to 30sqm project
40 to 50sqm project
60 to 70sqm project
80 to 90sqm project
100sqm project

All prices shown are indications only and are subject to a review of individual floor plans. Prices are subject to the prevailing rate of VAT at the time of pricing.

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Our projected prices are based on our Easy Standard system on a supply and install basis to include;

Hassle-free Underfloor Heating System with:

  • Premium manifold for boilers
  • Flow rate adjusters
  • Pipe fittings
  • Manifold pump
  • Actuator heads
  • Mixing valve set
  • 16mm German manufactured Pert-al-Pert or PEX pipework
  • Heatmiser Neo Thermostats (supply only)
  • Heatmiser wiring centre (supply only)
  • CAD drawings
  • Manual
  • Wiring diagrams
  • 500 gauge polythene separating membrane
  • Perimeter edging expansion foam

Basic Principles Of Underfloor Heating

With an underfloor heating system, warm water from any heat source is circulated through a series of pipes installed and integrated within the floor. The heat that is emitted from the floor is natural radiated heat, providing a more comfortable and even temperature throughout the room. Pipes are connected to a centrally located manifold and individual rooms can be temperature controlled as required via their own thermostat.