Is Underfloor Heating Suitable for Rented Properties?

The benefits of underfloor heating make it very ideal for a vast number of property types, from homes to commercial premises. It’s energy-efficient, raises property values, and requires less maintenance when built right.

Increasing numbers of new build homes are being built with heated flooring in mind, making them more attractive and valuable to buyers. But what about the rental market? Whether you’re building or buying a property with the intention of renting it, does underfloor heating change the appeal of the property to a rental audience?

Our underfloor heating Shropshire team has worked on a number of projects where the intention is to rent them out, whether as holiday lets or long-term accommodation. Here’s our insight on the matter.


Does Underfloor Heating Increase Rental Property Value?

As we discussed in a previous blog, buyers are willing to pay from £3,000–£10,000 more for a property with heated flooring. This type of heating is very appealing and desirable, and people are more than willing to pay more to have it. With rental properties, it’s a similar but slightly different matter.

A residential property with underfloor heating will be very appealing to a specific market of tenants, especially those looking to save on their heating bills. Naturally, this means you can charge more per month for a highly desirable property. That said, the additional amount you can charge shouldn’t exceed their potential savings.


Should You Upgrade an Existing Rental Property With UFH?

Our underfloor heating Shropshire and West Midlands teams have carried out upgrades to a fair amount of existing rental properties over the years. In these cases, the previous heating system was ageing and no longer viable for tenants.

Radiator-based systems typically have a lifespan of 12-15 years before they begin to show issues. Underfloor heating meanwhile can last up to 50 years, and you can expect lower requests for maintenance, provided you hire a quality installer like EasyFlow.


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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating in a Holiday Let

When it comes to holiday cottages, heating costs are often a point of contention. Renters have little qualms cranking the thermostat to the max all day and leaving the windows open. This makes lowering heating costs an essential part of managing your holiday rental operational costs.

The benefits of underfloor heating in a holiday cottage are not ones to pass by. Heated flooring saves 15-40% on utility bills compared to conventional radiator heating. You can read the linked blog to find out more about the specifics.

In addition, heated floors warm the room evenly, making it easier for the renters to feel the warmth of the room. They’re more likely to leave the thermostat on a lower temperature and feel satisfied with the quality of the accommodation. These benefits can even make it more viable to allow rentals in colder months, when the heating is more likely to be used.


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Whether you rent for long-term tenants or holidaymakers, heated flooring can increase the property’s appeal, uplift profits, lower operational costs, and much more. Over the years, EasyFlow’s teams across the UK have worked with holiday let companies, new build construction companies, and private property owners to bring underfloor heating and our full flooring solution to many different properties.


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