Project Case Studies

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In March 2020 a regular client contacted our UFH Consultant to design an Easy Staple UFH system for a ground floor refurbishment and extension in Repton, Derbyshire.

The floor plans were uploaded into our computer-aided design programme and heat loss calculations were carried out to determine the pipe spacing required for each individual room, in order to get the best possible output from the system, that will be operated from a conventional boiler.

A 5-zone system was installed consisting of 8 loops over 115sqm; if there were one long loop of pipe running over a large open plan area that is further away from the manifold, half of that room would be cold as the water cools in the pipes on it’s way back to the manifold to be reheated. However, we endeavour to install the manifold in a convenient central location to avoid this.

We installed two loops in the kitchen/diner in this property which will be controlled as one zone using one thermostat. Each zone is controlled independently with its’ own thermostat, offering ultimate control over the comfort level throughout the home.

Having installed the manifold and pipeline in accordance with the design, we filled the system with water and left under pressure overnight. Returning the following day to supply and install a liquid floor screed to complete the package.

As some areas will be tiled, Easyflow will return to site within the next 14 days to remove the surface laitance from the screed to allow absorption of the primer before tilling.